23/09/11 – Contact

Mother's Ruin @ Contact
Friday, September 23, 2011
8:00pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
Contact Theatre
Oxford Road
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Yes kids, after an eventful summer, Mother is BACK! In a brand new glitzy home at CONTACT!

Joining your bearded hostess Ms TImberlina will be BRYONY KIMMINGS presenting her science experiment to explore the links between alcohol and creativity! Fun? YOU BET!

Then BRIAN LOBEL will get Mother to help explore the pleasure of dancing in a circle. Seriously!

DICKIE BEAU will be presenting video projections of his FAB works.

Plus CHRIS & GAZ's Arty Revue!!

PLUS noise from SHEELA BLIGE!!

PLUS JON-JO's weave bar!! Get yourself a weave get yourself a drink whilst your glamorous bearded hostess Ms TIMBERLINA will ensure you’re all cosy.

Only kids over 18!

Here's the helpful little link dears!


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