28/05/11 – Contact

Mother Cares (free events)
Saturday, May 28, 2011
2:00pm - All Ages
Contact Theatre
Oxford Road
Other Info
Kicking off 2-7pm with a series of free (yes kids, FREE!) events & installations, featuring BARBRA NICE, DAVID HOYLE, MS TIMBERLINA, ALBERT KENNEDY TRUST, OUT TO DANCE, QUEER RESISTANCE and BURN DIY CABARET FILMS, plus the BLIGES on the door, & more weaves from JON-JO's WEAVE BAR!

Mother Cares is a whole afternoon, whole evening and whole night of FUN, CABARET, and VARIETY, with some of the UK's most exciting young queer artists showcasing local, regional & national LGBTQ talent in MANCHESTER in conjunction with The Albert Kennedy Trust & other friends, aimed at promoting youth interest in the arts! Pop down for a coffee and some fun all afternoon and bring your own act to be filmed in the BURN videos!

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