Mother’s Ruin
Trailblazing Queer Performance

Mother’s Ruin have been producing Queer events in Manchester and beyond since 2009. We have produced over 60 shows, showcased the work of 100s of emerging and established LGBTQ+ artists from Manchester, the wider North and beyond, worked with 8 landmark venues and many other spaces, reached 10,000+ live audiences and developed a strong reputation for delivering radical Queer work.

“Mother’s Ruin cleverly demonstrates just how radical and contemporary exploratory queer performance can be.”
Mancunian Matters

Mother’s Ruin was set up to offer support and greater opportunities for LGBTQ+ artists to create and deliver work in a professional context and build wider audiences.

Our mission is to deliver bold Queer performance in regional theatres and other spaces to increase LGBTQ+ participation and engagement.

Mother’s Ruin aims to nurture new and emerging Queer artists, provide greater support and opportunities for established LGBTQ artists and to build relationships with venues to cultivate a thriving, cohesive network of creative support for LGBTQ+ artists and wider audiences.

Mother’s Ruin has hosted events in underground clubs, pubs, theatres, old mills, warehouses and intimate studio spaces in Manchester, the wider North and beyond.

Mother’s Ruin has worked with many regional, national and international artists including:

Anna Phylactic, Barbara Brownskirt, Barbara Nice, Bourgeois & Maurice, Brian Lobel, Bryony Kimmings, Cheddar Gorgeous, Cheryl Dole, Clementine The Living Fashion Doll, David Hoyle, David Mills, Debs Gatenby, Dickie Beau, Dusty Limits, Fat Roland, Grace Oni Smith, Gerry Potter Poet, Ginger Johnson, Ida Barr, Jackie Hagan, Jamaal Monarch, Joey Hatley, Jonathan Mayor, Jonny Woo, Joshua Hubbard, Kate O’Donnell, Mx Justin V Bond, Lady Miss Kier, The Lipsinkers, Liquorice Black, Lorraine Bowen, Mae Martin, Mandla Rae, Marcus Reeves, Maz Hedgehog, Midgitte Bardot, My Bad Sister, Mr Teds, Mrs Jonjo, Myra Dubois, Mzz Kimberley, Pussy Faggot, Rhys’sPieces, Rosie Lugosi, Rubyyy Jones, Scott Capurro, Scottee, Sheila Blige, SlapPer, Sophie Willan, Timberlina Tom Marshman Topping & Butch, Violet Blonde, Venus Quasar.

Mother’s Ruin was set up in 2009 by Queer artist Tim Redfern and local Queer businessman Kevin Henry at Manchester’s Greenroom.

Mother’s Ruin is an Associate company of Contact and supported by Arts Council England and Superbia.

Our events tend to sell out so tickets are best bought in advance. Check the show page for the latest info.

We’re always on the lookout for fresh new talent. Email us at news@mothersruin.co.uk  We look forward to hearing from you.