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Past Events

Saturday 18 January 2020
Mother’s Ruin: Speaks at TURN ON FEST 2020 at Hope Mill Theatre,
Featuring: Fat Roland | Tom Halls | Jamaal Monarch | Clare Shaw | Gerry Potter Poet | Midgitte Bardot | hosted by Jackie Hagan | BSL interpreted by Kate Labno

Saturday 25 January 2020
Mother’s Ruin: Shows at TURN ON FEST 2020 at Hope Mill Theatre
Featuring: Joe Sutherland | Barbara Brownskirt |Venus Quasar | Claudia Palazzo | Rhys’s Pieces | hosted by Jonathan Mayor.

Saturday 16th November 2019
Mother’s Bloomers, Royal Exchange, Manchester
Performance platform for new work. Featuring: Kate Stonestreet | Maz Hedgehog | Adam John Roberts | Caitlin Gleeson | Rachel Kelly | Madla Rose | Dorian Wilde | Tom Halls | hosted by Fat Roland

Wednesday 9th October 2019
Mother’s Ruin: Queer Futures @ Hastings Storytelling Festival 2019, The Printworks, Hastings
Featuring: Barbara Brownskirt | J. Fergus Evans | Ryan Ormonde | Ruby Wednesday | Amy Sutton | The Ooh-la Las | hosted by Timberlina

Saturday 11th May 2019
Mother’s Ruin at The Dukes, Lancaster
Featuring: Madame Galina | Rubyyy Jones | Jonathan Mayor | Debs Gatenby | Samir Kennedy | Victoria Firth | Mia Wilson | hosted by Timberlina

Friday 8th February 2019
Mother’s Ruin at Queer Contact, Waterside Arts, Sale
Featuring: Jackie Hagan | David Mills | Afshan D’souza-Lodhi | Patrick Hollis |Donna Matrix | Victoria Firth | Aunty Ginger | hosted by Timberlina

Thursday 8th November 2018

Mother’s Ruin at Hastings Storytelling Festival, Cactus Hound, St Leonards, TN37 6DJ
Featuring: David Mills | Katy Baird | Dan de la Mott | Marie White | Adam Frost | Hannah Davis | Susan Lelliot | Mr Teds | hosted by Timberlina

Saturday 20th October 2018
Mother’s Bloomers: Royal Exchange, Manchester
Featuring: The Three Ladies | Victoria Firth | Nathaniel Hall | Patrick Hollis | Paul Scott Bullen | Jeff Downs | Bryony Bates | Vivien Holmes | Oscar Lister | Claire McNulty, The Kommander and Violet Blonde present Eta Carina | hosted by Fat Roland

Friday 20th July 2018
Mother’s Ruin
: Waterside Arts, Sale, #Refract18
Featuring: Jonathan Mayor (hosts) |Debs Gatenby | Cheddar Gorgeous  | Thick Richard | L Smith | Monopoly Phonic

Friday 9th March 2018
Mother’s Ruin
ARC Stockton
Featuring: Timberlina (hosts) | Gerry Potter Poet | Debs Gatenby | Jonluke McKie | Minty from Leeds | Laurie | Lorraine Smith

Saturday 27th January 2018
Mother’s Ruin at Oldham Coliseum
Featuring: Timberlina (host) | Cheddar Gorgeous | Jonathan Mayor | Debs Gatenby | Violet Blonde | Fat Roland | Diva Hollywood | Donal Sarsfield

Tuesday 14th November 2017
Mother’s Bloomers at Manchester Royal Exchange
Featuring: Fat Roland (host) | Eva Serration | Joseph Morgan Schofield | Emma McGordon | Marc Croasdale | Auntie Climax | Donal Sarsfield | Nick Maynard | Monopoly Phonic | Conor A.

Thursday 16th November 2017
Mother’s Bloomers at ARC:Stockton
Featuring: Jamie Tansley (host) | Bonnie & The Bonnettes | Beth O’Doherty | Catherine Hume | Holly Gallagher | JohnLuke McGie | Virginia Kennard.

Friday 29th September 2017
Mother’s Ruin at Contact, Manchester
Featuring: Timberlina (Host) | Afshan D’Sousa-Lodhi | Eva Serration | Gerry Potter Poet| Holly Penfield | Joe Sutherland

Saturday 23rd September 2017
“Hot Queer Smithy” Mother’s Ruin at Furnace Festival 
West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds
Featuring: Timberlina (Host) | Emma Mcgordon | Violet Blonde | Lady Stephen | Minty from Leeds | Kommande

Thursday 6th July 2017
Mother’s Ruin is Curious at ARC: Stockton
Featuring: Timberlina | Charlotte Victoria Furness | Aether| Fat Roland | Ginger Johnson | ‘A Blighted Life’ by Gavin Cowar

Tuesday 25th July 2017
Mother’s Bloomers workshop: Manchester Royal Exchange

Wednesday 17th May 2017 – 6pm
Mother’s Ruin at ARC: Stockton – Drop-in workshop

Fri 17th February 2017
Mother’s Ruin at Contact, Manchester
As part of Queer Contact
Featuring: Timberlina (Host) | SlapPer | Fat Roland | Liquorice Black| Barbara Nice

Friday 25th Nov 2016
Mother’s Ruin 
at Contact, Manchester
Featuring: Timberlina (Host) | Jackie Hagan | Monopoly Phonic | Rubyyy Jones | Violet Blonde | Joey Hateley.

Friday 22nd July 2016
Mother’s Ruin: Mother’s Bloomers 
at The Kings Arms, Salford
As part of Greater Manchester Fringe
Featuring: Fat Roland (host) | Trish Dee | Violet Blonde | Marilyn Misandry | Kommander Karl | Lill Queen | Eva Serration | Diva Hollywood | Stanley Roy

Friday 12th February 2016
Mother’s Ruin: Loved Up at Contact, Manchester
As part of Queer Contact
Featuring: Mrs JonJo (Host) | Anna Phylactic | Mzz Kimberley | Ginger Johnson | Thick Richard | guest appearance by Sophie Willan

Friday 11th December 2015
Mother’s Ruin: Christmas Cracker at Contact, Manchester
Featuring: Timberlina (Host) | Cheddar Gorgeous | Gerry Potter Poet | Fat Roland | Charlotte Victoria Furness | Tom Marshman

Saturday 7th March 2015
Mother’s Ruin: Hear Me Roar at The Juke Joint, Lancaster
An unpredictable evening of pop-up performances and DJs celebrating women in performance as part of Lancaster Arts City’s First Fridays!

Friday 13th February 2015
Mother’s Ruin: Mother Lovin’ at Contact, Manchester
Featuring: Timberlina (Host) | Justin Vivian Bond | Jonathan Mayor | Kate O’Donnell | Joshua Hubbard Dance | Grace Oni Smith & Violet Blonde | Sue Hart

Friday 12th December 2014
Mother’s Ruin at Contact, Manchester
Featuring: Debs Gatenby (Host) | David Mills | Cheryl Dole | Pam Van-Damned | Sheela Blige’s Bingo!

Thursday 13th November 2014
Mother’s Ruin:  Mother’s Bloomers! at The King’s Arms, Salford
Featuring: Fat Roland (Host) | Jana Kennedy | Dan Craddock | Gareth Cutter | Kommander Karl | Gender Prince

Friday 17th October 2014
Mother’s Ruin: Roadhouse Return! at The Roadhouse, Manchester
Featuring: Timberlina | Organ Freeman | Violet Blonde & Grace Oni Smith | Charlotte Victoria Furness | Thick Richard | Patrick Carroll-Fogg | DJ set from The Niallist.

Friday 12th September 2014
Mother’s Ruin: Mother’s Bloomers!
Exciting new performances and works in progress from: Debs Gatenby; Kate O’Donnell; Fat Roland; Paul O’Donnell; David Hon Man Chu; and Patrick Carroll-Fogg.

Friday 22nd August 2014,
Mother’s Ruin: Roadhouse Rehab

with Mrs JonJo, David Hoyle, Sheela Blige, Grace Oni Smith, Bushpig, Tilly Skreams, Pam Van Damned, Jade Montserrat and The Niallist (DJ)

Sunday 8th / Monday 9th June 2014
Mother’s Ruin: Puffball Cabaret
Cake Tin Foundation and Rude Grrl join forces with Roundhouse, Contact, Cast and Manchester Royal Exchange to present Mother’s Ruin: Puffball Cabaret – a raucous late-night cabaret in the auspicious surrounds of the Royal Exchange Great Hall. Ticket holders for the Puffball show get automatic entry to our exciting bill of Mother’s Ruin favourites. More details to follow.

Friday 25th April 2014
with Holestar, Mr. Teds, Mrs. Jonjo, Dickie Beau on Screen, Liqourice Black, Joyce D’Vision, Sheela Blige and ZsaZsa Noir.

Friday 7th February 2014
Mother’s Ruin: Who’s Got The Max Factor?
Mother’s showcase of the hottest new queer performance talent in the North West, as part of Queer Contact’s 2014 programme. Featuring special guests: Myra Dubois, My Bad Sister, last year’s winner, Puppetual Motion, and helmed by everyone’s favourite bearded hostess, Timberlina!

Friday 6th December 2013
Mother’s Ruin: A Fabulous Melange Of Right Northern Talent!
with Gerry Potter-Poet, Eggs Collective, Jackie Hagan, The Bobbysocks, Dick & Debs, the fabulous Timberlina and Sheela Blige

Friday 20th September 2013
Mother’s Ruin
with Timberlina, David Mills, Rolabear, Gareth Cutter, Patrick Carroll-Fogg and Sophie Willan, Sheela Blige on weaves and PJ Hardly

Friday 21 June 2013
Mother’s Ruin – Sister, sister, oh so fair, why is there blood all over your hair?
hosted by Mrs Jon-Jo & Sheela Blige with Mae Martin, Marcus Reeves, Nando Messias, Anna Phylactic & Rachel Cocker, Grace Oni Smith and Puppetual Motion

Friday 26 April 2013
Mother’s Ruin & Nathan Evans present ‘I Love You But We Only Have Fourteen Minutes To Save The Earth’
hosted by Timberlina with Nathan Evans, Miss Fancy Chance, David Hoyle, Sophie Willan, Bette Bourne and Kate Pelling

Friday 8 February 2013
Mother’s Ruin – Who’s Got the Max Factor?!?
judges Johnjo, Sheela Blige, George Bourgoise & Maurice Maurice, guests Byrony Kimmings & Eggs Collective, featuring Jackie Hagan, Joyce d’Vision, Patrick Carroll-Fogg, Puppetual Motion, Ultra Violet Violence, Tuheen Huda, Grace Oni Smith

Friday 30 November 2012
Mother’s Ruin
with Timberlina & Hey Baylen’s “Big Bingo Show”, Fergus Evans, Heena Collada, Adrian Turrell-Watts

Friday 26 October 2012
Mother’s Ruin presents The LipSinkers
starring Rhyannan Styles, Richardette, Lisa Lee, John Sizzle, and Blanche Dubois

Friday 21 September 2012
Mother’s Ruin Ladies’ Night
with Eggs Collective, Sophie Willan, Derek Diamond, Mysti Valentine, DJ Riv (Off With Their Heads)

Friday 15 June 2012
Mother’s Ruin 

with David Mills, Sophie Willan, Jackie Hagan, Gareth Cutter and Chris Fitzsimmons

Friday 11 May 2012
Mother’s Ruin vs Pussy Faggot 
at Islington Mill
with NYC’s Pussy Faggot stars Lady Miss Kier (DeeeLite), Gio Black PeterColin Self, Shane Shane, Alexander Geist & Jonny Woo, Jana Kennedy and Joyce D’Vision

Friday 10 February 2012
Mother’s Ruin Theatrical Spectacular

with Jonny Woo, Dickie Beau, Clementine Living Doll…

Friday 16 December 2011
Mother’s Ruin at Contact

Friday 23 September 2011
Mother’s Ruin at Contact

Sunday 29 May 2011
Listen With... at the greenroom
with Gareth Cutter, Paul Mosley, Karima Francis

Saturday 28 May 2011
Mother Cares at Contact
featuring David Hoyle

Saturday, 28 May 2011
Mother Cares Club at Contact

Friday 27 May 2011
Mother’s Pride at the greenroom

Saturday 29 January 2011
Mother’s Ruin – Winter Warmer at the greenroom

Saturday 4 December 2010
Mother’s Ruin – Antidote to Xmas the greenroom

Saturday 30 October 2010
Mother’s Ruin at the greenroomv
starring the Lip Sinkers

Saturday 18 September 2010
Mother’s Bingo Pub Night at the greenroom

Friday 21 May 2010
Mother’s Ruin at the greenroom
starring Scott Capurro

Saturday 17 April 2010
Mother’s Ruin at the greenroom
starring Ida Barr

Saturday 30 January 2010
Mother’s Ruin at the greenroom
starring Zoe Lyons

Saturday 19 December 2009
Mother’s Ruin – Yuletide Ding-Dong
at the greenroom