November 2017

This month brought us two Bloomers as we headed to Manchester and Stockton rather incredibly in the same week.

14th November
We were thrilled and proud to work on our first Mother’s Bloomers event at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. With avid focus and enthusiasm from our artists who brought a sensational array of politically, poignant and above all Queer (in the greatest sense of the word) to a full house with a buzzed audience who were utterly attentive- AND it was a Tuesday night!

The venue was exceptional to work with, the tech staff attentive with Lisa Lee and the artists all afternoon in the Studio. Plus we have our great new assistant director cum runner cumulative round helper Elliott on hand.

And what a range of work, from the extraordinary sound making of Donal Sarsfield to cutting edge new Queer playwrighting from Nick Maynard. Also what felt pertinent was commentary of Growing up Queer and highlighting the exasperating existential conundrums of being in spoken word from Marc Croasdale and Emma McGordon, not to mention the challenges of being ill with Conor A. Meanwhile Salford’s own home grrrl Monopoly Phonc gave Iggy Azealia a run for her money, plus extraordinary shamanic performances from Joseph Morgan Schofield and Eva Serration… all wrapped up by the suitably hilariously astute and charmingly shambolic Fat Roland. Did I mention it was still only a Tuesday?

We’re very much looking forward to taking this work with the Royal Exchange Theatre forward in 2018 and beyond.

Thursday 16th November
One of the joys of Mother’s Ruin is working with artists ahead of the events at Mother’s Workshops and seeing the ideas unfold, transform and finally materialise.

We are seriously grateful to ARC Stockton and their team in welcoming Mother’s Ruin to the venue to engage in a series of events to explore existing LGBTQ engagement and participation amongst wider audiences. Added to this is the intrepid challenge of finding local artists.

As it transpired, of course there are people in locales keen to explore and share new work. Furthermore it feels like we have tapped into and forged a real hub of emerging performers in the North East despite the logistical difficulties of the area (which we can discuss in more length). Suffice to say, the local infrastructure for local public transport is incredulous.

However, thanks to the incredible support of the venue and enthusiasm from the artists, we had another packed household the studio space offering strident, often profound but always warm work from Catherine Hume, Beth O’Doherty, Bonnie and the Bonnettes, Holly Gallagher, Jamie Tansley, JonLuke McGie and Virginia Kennard.

We’re heading back to ARC Friday 9th March 2018 with a Mother’s Ruin proper, which we look forward to. So if you know anyone in the North East, let them know.

We’re getting ready for our next Mother’s Ruin and are rather delighted to presenting our inaugural event Live at the Coliseum in Oldham on Saturday 27th January with a packed line up of riotous kooky comedy and outstanding peculiar performance suitable for everyone. The line up includes major local legends Jonathan Mayor, Cheddar Gorgeous, Debs Gatenby, Fat Roland, Donal Sarsfield, Diva Hollywood and Oldham’s own Joshua Hubbard.

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